Indian Caverns

From the early Nineteenth Century, the residents of Franklinville thought that the cave situated along the banks of Spruce Creek ended in a small room where local settlers scratched their names and the dates of their visits - the earliest being 1816. They may also have thought that they were among the first to explore the several rooms and passages of the cave. All that changed in 1928 when a curious and adventurous young couple made their first visit to the cave. Harold "Hubby" Wertz and his wife, Lenore, were from nearby Tyrone and were avid spelunkers. Over the next year, they purchased the property and opened up an ever-growing series of caverns and passages. After two years of excavation and a $500,000 investment, Hubby and Lenore opened Historic Indian Cave on June 15, 1929 - four months before the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression. Indian Caverns remains a unique area attraction.

Address: 5374 Indian Trail
Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania 16683
Phone: (814) 632-7578