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Do you have what it takes to be the…
2017 Mountain Pie Champion of Pennsylvania?





Mountain Pies, Hobo Pies, or Camper Pies, whatever you call those tasty little gems that are a campfire favorite, are going to take center stage during the 2017 camping season. Participating Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association member’s campgrounds will feature a good old-fashioned culinary competition at their campground one day during the 2017 camping season.


Using three judges, each participating PCOA campground shown below will choose two winners. Those winners will be eligible for the state competition to be held during the Gratz Fair on Saturday afternoon, September 23, 2017. The village of Gratz is located in Dauphin County, just 35 miles north of Harrisburg, Pa.
Judging Criteria for the 2017 Mountain Pie Contest


  1. Flavor includes aroma, taste, and good balance….. 30 points
  2. Consistency of filling, correct doneness and overall moistness ….. 25 points
  3. Crust – color, texture, doneness ….. 20 points
  4. Overall visual appeal. Does the pie look appetizing? ….. 15 points
  5. Creativity. How creative is the pie? Including plate presentation ….. 10 points




1. Only one entry per person per category.

2. It is the contestant’s responsibility to cook his or her pie in the wood fire provided and to

present it to the judges table on a paper plate.

3. The recipe for the Mountain Pie must be submitted with the entry. It should be submitted on an

8½ x 11 piece of paper and must list all the ingredients, quantities and preparation instructions.

Entrant’s name, address and phone number must be printed on the back side of the recipe

sheet. Recipes will not be returned and become the property of PCOA.





One winner will be chosen in each category at each participating campgound. The winners will be encouraged

to participate in the state competition at the

Gratz Fair in Gratz, PA on September 23, 2017.


In each category, the winner will receive a check for $500

STATE SECOND PRIZE: $200 in PCOA Camping Certificates

STATE THIRD PRIZE: $100 in PCOA Camping Certificates

Participating campgrounds will be listed soon. Check back to see which parks are holding local contests.  Take part in the contest at any one of the competitions or try your luck several competitions this summer.  


One of Last Year's Finalists Looks Very Tasty
Great Presentation for a 2016 Finalist
Another One of the 2016 Finalists
Firewood Preparation for the State Championship