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Farma Family Campground
              Farma Family Campground

              •Cabin Rentals
              •Planned Activities
              •Tents to Motor Homes
              •Pet Friendly

        • 724.253.4535

                   Invented in
                                                       . Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod as early
                                                         as 1749, and made later advancements in 1760.
                Pennsylvania...                        . George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. created the

                                                          world’s first ferris wheel for the Chicago World’s Fair
                                                          in 1893.
                                                       . The Slinky was created by Richard T. James and
                                                         debuted in a Philadelphia Gimbels department store
                                                          in 1945.

                                                       . Theophilus Van Kannel won several awards for
                                                          inventing the revolving door.

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