Utz Snacks

The self guided tour of Utz Snacks allows you to view the entire 30 minute process that transforms a raw spud into a crunchy chip. You can see and smell the making of the famous Utz Potato Chips and Snacks at this over 600,000 square foot facility, where you will be guided step-by-step with the aid of a push-to-talk audio program and closed-circuit TV monitors. Operating one of the cleanest and most modern snack food operations in America, Utz has evolved into a large, regional snack food company that produces up to 14,000 pounds of award winning chips per hour. The Utz Potato Chip Trip is fun for the whole family, a learning experience for young and old, and a snack lover's delight. After your tour, don't forget your souvenir bag of chips!

Address: 861 Carlisle Street
Hanover, Pennsylvania
Phone: (717) 637-6644
Website: http://www.utzsnacks.com/