Mack Trucks Historical Museum

One of the original sightseeing buses built by Jack and Augustus Mack in the first decade of the century is in the Museum. The gas-operated, open-air bus carried up to 26 tourists at a time around the streets and sights of Chicago in the summer and New Orleans in the winter, courtesy of the Higgins Tour Company. In 1925, the bus was returned to Mack when it was bought from Higgins and put on display. You can see a 1911 Mack Jr. that shared the streets with horse-drawn wagons as it made its rounds delivering dry goods and produce. It's the final truck design attributed to the Mack brothers before they sold their company to investors in 1911. Then there's the 1918 AC model, one of 4,100 built for World War I. Although there's no bulldog on the hood of this early Mack truck, it was the AC that earned the name while it was busy dodging bullets and trudging through the mud in France. The truck's unique blunt-nosed design reminded British troops of their own bulldogs. So did its tenacious ability to get through anything with the supplies needed at the front. This museum will treat truck enthusiasts to all of these ... and more.

Address: 997 Postal Road
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103
Phone: (610) 266-6767