Eckley Miners' Village

Eckley is one of the hundreds of company mining towns or "patches" built in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania during the nineteenth century. In 1854, the mining firm of Sharpe, Leisenring and Company, later known as Sharpe, Weiss and Company, leased land from the Tench Coxe Estate of Philadelphia and began work on the Council Ridge Colliery and the village of Eckley. The village, built near the colliery where the coal was mined and processed, provided housing for the miners and their families. Its stores, schools, and churches supplied the economic, educational, and religious needs of the villagers. By owning the village, the company had greater control over the lives of their workers. The old Council Ridge Colliery is gone, but its village survives. Eckley preserves a way of life which dominated the anthracite region for over 140 years.

Address: RR #2, Box 236
Weatherly, Pennsylvania 18255
Phone: (570) 636-2070