Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

Go down in history - 300 feet beneath the surface of the earth in a once abandoned, but now restored hard coal mine. At one time in the region, coal was king, and the main industry was anthracite mining. See where and how men and boys worked to heat a nation and fuel the conversion of our nation's economy from agriculture to industry. The Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour is an award winning historical attraction operated by the County of Lackawanna. The coal mine tour is conducted in what was once part of the Continental Coal Mine, formerly an active Anthracite coal mine. Deep mining commenced in the area around 1860, with the "190 Slope" closing in 1966. There are no remaining active deep mines in the area, so you are literally "going down in history" on this tour. Your tour begins as you descend into the mine 1350 feet in a custom mine car at an angle of about 26 degrees via the "190 Slope". Once you reach the foot of the slope, the walking portion of the tour begins.

Address: Bald Mountain Road
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504
Phone: (570) 963-6463