Piper Aviation Museum

William T. Piper's career in aviation began in 1929. To meet the increasing demand for light personal aircraft, Mr. Piper developed an assembly line production system which enabled the company to become America's foremost small plane manufacturer. By 1938 the company began producing its most famous plane, the J-3 "Piper Cub," a tiny, small-engine craft which was easy to fly and fairly inexpensive. The US Military during World War II was so impressed with the Cub, now dubbed the "Grasshopper," that it bought thousands for use in flight training, medical evacuation, reconnaissance and artillery spotting. The Piper family turned the company into the world's leading aircraft manufacturer in terms of craft built. Many called Mr. Piper the "Henry Ford of Aviation," with company sales in every corner of the globe. The current structure of the Piper Aviation Museum can be traced to its incorporation as a non-profit educational organization by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1995. Soon thereafter it purchased the former Engineering building of the Piper Corporation, a 56,000 square foot structure, which now serves as home to the museum.

Address: One Piper Way
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745
Phone: (570) 748-8283
Website: http://www.pipermuseum.com/