The Great Outdoors Can Improve Your Attitude - Go Camping in PA

When you’re down in the dumps, there’s a solution to brighten your spirits that’s arguably better than a bowl of ice cream or listening to your favorite sad song. Instead, get outside.

Improves Your Health & Happiness

By developing a connection with nature, you may actually increase your chances of being a happier and healthier individual. In fact, research actually proves that even just a few minutes spent outdoors can improve our overall mood.

Being outside for even less than 20 minutes a day can make people feel better. When people are exposed to green and/or natural environments, subsequently, they’re naturally happier all around. Perks of the great outdoors is that people can be more physically active, be less stressed, and in turn, engage with nature more altogether.

When people observe the natural beauty of mother nature, our bodies produce lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. In short, what this means is that we enter a healthier state both physically and mentally.


If you have the option, exercising outdoors can increase energy and decrease tension, confusion, anger and depression. That could be as simple as just walking outside to help boost your mental health.

A study conducted by the journal Ecopsychology concluded that nature walks “mitigate the effects of stressful life events.”

Something as simple as getting outside and walking through mother nature with your family or friends improves not only ones’ daily positive emotions, but it can also contribute to more serious conditions like depression. Not to mention the other perks like cardiovascular health, reduced stress, strengthened bones and boost in self-esteem.

Become One With Nature

Beyond the health and cognitive benefits that the great outdoors offers, nature also provides people with an overall sense of wonder, a deeper understanding and a sense of responsibility to take care of the earth. In turn, going green and protecting mother nature gives people an inclination to give back and go green, which benefits peoples’ pride and self-esteem as well.

So, the next time you’re finding that you’re in a less-than-favorable mood, consider a camping trip. There’s no better way to get out, explore nature and lift your spirits. Hiking, biking, walking and swimming are all great outlets to take out stress, anxiety and anger. Treat yourself to a camping trip to let off some steam and improve your overall attitude.

Mother Nature is more than just a pretty place, it’s an escape with a multitude of benefits.

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