How to Go Green When Camping

Part of what makes a camping trip unlike any other vacation or getaway is the fact that you can truly absorb the great outdoors. You can quite literally plop yourself in the middle of mother nature and soak in all of the beauty that comes along with her.

Not only do you have endless recreational opportunities at your fingertips, but a camping adventure provides people with a fun outlet to experience new things, make memories and enjoy nature for what it is, an escape from the real world – so don’t take advantage of it!

Pay homage to the beauty of mother nature by giving back. It’s easier than you may think.

If you’re making your way downstream any lake, river or even pond, keep it clean. Littering may be one of the most harmful things you can do for the environment, and that goes for any littering on land as well. Whether you’re on land or in the water, contribute to keep mother nature clean by maintaining clear trails and waterways.

Leave the area you’re staying in and around the same way it was when you got there – clean and preserved.

Not only will you have an improved hiking experience, but you’ll also have a sense of pride in knowing you contributed to making mother nature that much neater.

One thing that might surprise you is that there are actually group cleanups on a lot of campgrounds and campsites. Mostly common throughout the spring and fall, a group of people who are dedicated to improving trails take the time to clean up. Again, it’s not just an on-land trend. Big river event cleanups are common as well throughout the summer. A group of paddlers and rafters make their way downstream with trash bags to remove trash and debris from waterways.

For any campers with green thumbs, planting is another great outlet to get involved in when you’re taking into consideration what is best for the earth. If the campsites allow, the simple act of planting a few seeds is a quick and easy way to contribute to the emission of fresh oxygen into the environment, while also being a new source to absorb carbon dioxide.

Probably weren’t thinking about any scientific logistics for your camping trip, were you?

Also, think about what you’re packing before you hit the trails. Unfortunately, sometimes campers introduce harsh chemicals into their campsites without even realizing it. One thing you’ll definitely want to be aware of if you’re thinking about green camping is the campsite’s trash. If you’re being conscientious about your waste, you’ll want to try and minimize trash by all means necessary. One way to do this is by cutting out as many store-bought items as possible. Hey, after all, camping means roughing it, right? Ditch the disposables and bring your trash back with you.

Going green while camping really is much easier than you’d think.

Enjoy your next camping experience by cultivating and nurturing mother nature and the camping community.

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