Ways To Save On Fuel When Traveling

Camping season is upon us and we all have the same thought in our minds. Gas prices: they may be on the rise, but will that stop you from using your RV? We don’t know what the future holds but with a few changes, you can save on fuel.


Always check your tire pressure before you travel and is suggested during your travel as well. If you are traveling in dramatic temperature changes or elevations tire pressure can affect your pressure. The U.S. Department of Energy says that for every 1-psi drop in pressure, you can expect your gas mileage to lower by 0.4 percent. Check the label inside the driver’s door to ensure your tires are inflated to the recommended PSI.


If you don’t have to, try not filling your freshwater tank. One gallon of water weighs about eight pounds. Don’t travel with firewood. Buy firewood locally to where you are camping. That can save on weight, fuel economy and reduces the spread of pests from area to area. Go through your RV, if you see items you haven’t used in 6 months take it out. Keep items that are necessary and that you use on a regular basis.


Uneven weight distribution can make your RV sway and that will impact how the vehicle handles. Keep heavy objects closer to the floor, try to balance the weight from front to back and side to side.


Whether it is your towing vehicle or your RV, maintain it always. The better it is maintained the better it will operate. Change your oil regularly, check your air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs on a regular. If you notice any of them need replaced or have issues, change them immediately. Always use the recommended oil for your vehicle, going cheap will not save you any money.


Traveling at a speed of 55-60 miles per hour will help to increase your fuel efficiency. Cruise control helps to maintain a constant and efficient speed. Speeding and rapid acceleration will decrease your fuel economy.


Using your A/C can be a big factor in decreasing fuel economy. If you run the air on max, it can reduce your fuel efficiency by 10 percent. Fresh air is always a plus, especially after those winter months and the weather is getting nicer. However, keep in mind that open windows can affect your fuel milage.


Camp closer and try to stay an extra day. If you can get away and be closer to home, try and stay an extra day. Many campgrounds offer specials where a longer stay costs less. Those extra dollars can help when it comes to putting fuel in the tank.

By visiting pacamping.com, under “Promotions & Coupons” click on “Special Camping Deals” and to see what Pacamping Campgrounds deals are currently being offered. When you are scoping out a campground to camp at, be sure to explore their websites for camping specials and or ask at the time of making a reservation.


Gas stations and RV parks may offer a loyalty or rewards program. For example, Pilot and Flying J accept Good Sam memberships that apply a discount savings. Gas stations offer this discount as well additional discounts on fuel if you have a credit card with them. Campgrounds sometimes offer a loyalty program and just like other businesses you earn free nights, discounts, and possibly even free items by staying with them.

Unfortunately, we have no control over prices at the pumps, but these few money saving tips can help make your camping trip more enjoyable for you and your wallet!

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