Great Lakes Campgrounds
Great Lakes Campgrounds and Attractions in the Great Lakes Region
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Great Lakes Camping

Whether you prefer the cast of a fishing rod, the sound of water trickling off your paddle, the "wows" from your kids, or the history lectures of the first oil wells, the Great Lakes region of northwestern Pennsylvania is calling your name. This vast region stretches from the sandy shores of Presque Isle and Great Lakes to Pennsylvania's Oil Heritage.

Great Lakes camping, including Lake Erie campgrounds is for campers who love the outdoors and the activities that go with it! Fishing ranks as one of the top two most requested activities among surveyed campers, the other being boating, including kayaking and canoeing. Both activities are plentiful throughout the entire region with numerous lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, and reservoirs. The Great Lakes, in the most northwestern part of the state, offers several organized fishing charters, or if you prefer to get out and do it yourself, go to where you'll find the latest angler maps. South of Erie visit Pymatuning Reservoir, the largest lake in Pennsylvania, where the PA Fish and Boat Commission operates a fish hatchery and visitor center. To find more places to fish throughout this region and others within Pennsylvania, go to

Looking to incorporate history along with the outdoors? Then take your bike and boat and head to Oil City, the Drake Well Museum, Titusville Railroad, and the Petroleum Centre. Here you will find how petroleum, the Alleghany River, the Erie Canal, and the railroad all contributed to the growth of Northwestern Pennsylvania. The hiking and biking trail of Oil Creek State Park starts at the Drake Well Museum and goes for 10 miles through the park. The Titusville Railroad will haul your canoe or kayak upstream 10 miles for a nominal fee.