More people are heading on the road for extended trips and long-term RV
adventures. Having a comfortable, home on wheels makes that possible because you can pack what you

The following products will keep you on track and ensure your RV experience is amazing.

1.) A dedicated RV GPS. When traveling from point A to point B a GPS is an invaluable tool to get
you there safely and with as little hassle as possible. RVs are big heavy vehicles which have many
special considerations that must be accounted for when choosing a route to a destination. Standard GPS
units, and most phone-based GPS apps simply cannot account for those factors. This can lead the
unsuspecting RV driver down a dangerous road which can seriously damage the RV or worse yet, cause
serious harm to the driver and passengers. Phone based GPS apps can also fail to function properly in
remote areas where cell signals are weak or non-existent. A dedicated RV GPS can solve both these

A dedicated RV specific GPS unit allows the user to enter the specific parameters of the RV including
weight, height, length, width, number of propane tanks and max speed. The GPS then uses those
parameters to make sure the RV is not routed down roads containing bridges or tunnels that are too low,
roads or corners that are too narrow or sharp, or over bridges or roads that cannot support the RVs
weight. They can also alert you to areas where propane tanks must be shut off for legal travel or avoid
places where they are not allowed at all. They also have a complete map set integrated into the unit so
no active phone connection is necessary to navigate, allowing them to work correctly even in the most
remote places.
The Garmin RV-770 LMTS is our pick for the best RV specific GPS. It offers an amazing array of
options and capabilities including lifetime map updates, trip planning, and thousands of RV specific
waypoints and campgrounds.

2.) 12V Portable Air Compressor. When traveling, proper tire pressure is critical and having the
capability to inflate tires while on the road is indispensable. The best product for the job is a 12V mini-
compressor. These units are small, light-weight, inexpensive and can quickly inflate a low or flat tire to
proper pressure. Since they operate on 12V DC power they can be run from the tow vehicle battery or
from the house batteries on a trailer or motorhome. While there are several different styles and brands
of these on the market, the Viair 88P stands out.
It's very well made with mostly metal components which gives it a very sturdy, professional feel. It has
an integrated pressure gauge and a small LED light for operation in the dark. Most importantly, it can
inflate large tires up to 120 PSI quickly and efficiently. That should cover the needs of just about any
RVer. Viair also makes several other models, all of the same excellent quality, with varying specs to
meet your specific application or budget.

3.) Inverter Generator. When traveling, you never know when you may need access to power. From planned stops in boondocking locations to unplanned emergencies like a dead battery, access to reliable power can be a lifesaver. The best way for an RVer to get that power is with an inverter generator. Inverter generators are super quiet generators that generate clean AC power from a built in inverter powered by a gas or propane engine. They come in sizes from 1000 watts up to over 7000 watts to fill any need from battery charging all the way up to running the entire RV. There are too many brands and sizes to name a specific best, however those made by Yamaha and Honda are considered by most to be the highest quality and most reliable. Those qualities come at a cost. For the more budget friendly units by Champion, Briggs & Stratton and Generac are also considered excellent.

4.) Stackable Leveling Blocks. Leveling your RV is critical when you are parked at a campsite and
stackable leveling blocks like the Camco Heavy Duty Leveling blocks are a great product for the job.
They can be placed directly under the tires of RVs for side to side leveling when the RV lacks a
hydraulic leveling system. They can also be placed under jacks (assuming you don't exceed the
maximum weight) to prevent the jacks from sinking into soft pavement or ground, giving your setup
greater stability. They can also be used to level other things around the campsite like that wobbly picnic
table with the short leg, or the grill set-up on uneven ground.
Another use is in flat tire replacement. Jacking up a dual or triple-axle trailer or RV can be a big
challenge when you have a flat. To change a tire, stack up the blocks and roll the good tire up to the
top. This will raise the flat high enough to swap it out for a spare. Once the tire is replaced, back the RV
back off the blocks and you are ready to get back on the road.

5.) RV Surge Protector. When traveling you will likely be plugging into shore power at quite a few
different locations. The power systems and pedestals at RV parks see heavy use and varying degrees of
maintenance which can lead to serious electrical faults. Your RV is a major investment and generally
does not come with built in protections from these issues. A faulty power connection to your RV can
lead to serious damage and possible injury to the occupants. To avoid that, every RVer should invest in
a good surge protector. Depending on your budget, these devices can do a lot more than just protect
against surges. Most basic units offer surge protection as well as wiring fault indicators (open ground,
open neutral, etc.) which will give you a visual warning to problems before you plug your RV in.
Higher end models will detect more issues and automatically cut power when a problem occurs,
offering that extra peace of mind that you will be protected against issues that may develop after you
have plugged in. Cheaper units are also one time use for surge protection. If there is a major surge, they
will trap it but self-destruct in the process so you will have to replace them if that occurs. Higher end
units can offer the ability to be reset and reused. Progressive Industries is trusted manufacturer that
offers a broad range of protection to meet any need or budget.

The safety and convenience of these products will enhance your RV experience, making you a pro
before you know it. If you plan for the unexpected you can go into any adventure ready for the
excitement of it all. In the end, that is what we are looking for when we travel anywhere.