When it comes to camping, there will always be the same old essential camping gear to pack; tents, blankets, clothes, food…the usual. But, it’s time to add some cool camping gear into the mix. Not only will some new, unique items spice things up a bit, but they may even add some more convenience on your next Pennsylvania camping trip.

Water Filter

For anyone who loves Pennsylvania camping, a water filter is essential. Picture this: it’s summer, it’s hot, you’re hiking and you just ran out of water. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you can take a sip straight from the nearest water source without any worries?

LifeStraw Steel uses a two-stage filtration process that removes bacteria, protozoa, chlorine and even bad tastes to ensure that you can get safe, pure, delicious water whenever you’re on the go.

Portable Espresso Maker

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as kicking off a brand-new day waking up at one of our beautiful campgrounds in Pennsylvania, but sometimes it does help to have that extra kick – especially if you have a long day of outdoor adventure ahead of you.

Wacaco makes a compact, portable espresso maker that uses a semi-automatic piston so you can enjoy your strong espresso just about anywhere at any time.

Durable Hiking Backpack

If you consider yourself to be an experienced camper, you know just how important it is to choose the perfect backpack. Look no further.

Topo’s classic 22L Klettersack makes it onto the list of cool camping gear as it is truly the perfect travel companion for hikers. It holds anything and everything you’ll need on a long journey without weighing you down. It includes natural leather lash tabs and side pockets for extra storage, heavy duty straps, a laptop sleeve and is durable for the elements.

Multifunctional Water Bottle

LUNATEC’s Aquabot is way more than just a quick and easy way to quench your thirst. This water bottle is equipped with shower, streaming and misting patterns so you can clean off, hydrate, clean dishes or even have a water fight!

No doubt you’ll find yourself using this multifunctional high pressure water bottle quite often on your next Pennsylvania camping trip.