At long last, camping season is finally here. By the time spring rolls around, just about everyone is ready to get outside after being cooped up all winter and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine. But if there’s one thing about spring that can be a setback, especially in the world of camping, it’s that it is unpredictable.

We want to help you be prepared for what to expect this spring on your camping trip, so we’ve put together a list of spring camping tips!

Check the Forecast

Spring weather is unpredictable. One day it could be beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees and the next it could be raining, miserable, chilly and damp. That’s why your best bet is planning ahead as best you can by checking the anticipated forecast. Knowing what to expect as far as the weather goes will help you prepare and pack much more easily.

Wear Layers

We said the spring weather is unpredictable, didn’t we? That’s why you’re best off packing and wearing layers of clothing. On warmer days it’s easy to strip off a few layers while on those colder, rainier days, you’ll want to bundle up with thermals, sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. Packing for a spring camping trip can be tricky because you truly need to pack a little bit of everything from t-shirts, long johns to waterproof jackets and shoes.

Pack Tarps

If there’s one thing that is predictable about springtime weather, it’s that it can be wet. Packing tarps is a good idea if you are looking for easy methods to keep your tent warm and dry. Setting up tarps around your site and the surrounding area helps keep the heat in and the moisture out. It’s also not a bad idea to set up a tarp for underneath your tent to work as a shield from the wet, dewy ground.

Double Check Your Gear Before You Go

After being stowed away all winter, you’ll want to check and double check all of your camping gear. Look for holes, rips and tears in your tents or sleeping bags and test all batteries to make sure your devices will work when you’re away.