Believe it or not, there are all different types of campers. There are people who prefer to lounge, relax and truly take in the great outdoors by unplugging from the outside world completely. Then, there are the types who want to explore every nook and cranny that mother nature has to offer through mountain biking, hiking and truly honing into their adventurous side.

When it comes to camping stereotypes, which shoe do you fit?

The Stereotypical Camper

Traditional camping means you’re pitching a tent, starting a fire and disconnecting from technology. If this sounds like you, consider yourself a stereotypical camper.

You love nature and all it has to offer and you can’t be bothered with technology at all because you want to take in your camping experience for what it is. Campers tend to find the most ideal camping locations perfect for their needs whether that be a remote location in the woods, flatlands or near the water. Typically tending to truly appreciate the finer things in life for what they are, campers love to watch the world go by and take in the stunning views that nature is offering them.

The Glamper

Ah, glamping. The latest fad in the camping world. A glamper is someone who wants to experience the beauty of the great outdoors all while still having the luxury of a structured shelter, a bed to sleep in and amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable and a real shower.

The glamper’s style is typically more on the luxurious side. Glamper’s rarely tend to venture far from the comfort of their shelter and excess amenities that can be considered ‘camping perks.’ While glamper’s love nature and the great outdoors, they don’t necessarily want to rough it.

The Boy Scout

Prepared for anything and everything, the Boy Scout camper has impressive depth camping skills and knowledge. Most likely, this isn’t your first rodeo. Boy Scout campers have been there and done that. They know what works, what doesn’t work, and most importantly, how to handle the curveballs that mother nature will inevitably throw.

They love to explore, learn and share their expertise with others. Boy Scout campers are meticulously organized and always productive looking out for what is not only best for them, but for everyone who came with them.

The Caveman Camper

As long as there’s meat, a fire and a couple of brews, the Caveman camper is a happy camper.

These campers are willing to travel miles for some quality drinking and bonding time in the backcountry with their family, friends and loved ones.

Maybe the Caveman camper isn’t the most adventurous, but they love the great outdoors just as much as the next guy. They just like sharing it with a buddy – and a beer!

The Backpacker

A hardy and transient bunch who is always prepared for all weather conditions with seemingly little to no effort.

The Backpacker thinks ahead. They think best case scenario, worst case scenario and everything in-between. That’s why their backpack is filled to the brim – they’re prepared for it all.

Consider the Backpacker the Mary Poppins of the group. Their bag will be chop-full of whatever it is you need. They’re highly efficient with nothing but the lightest and best gear.

The True Outdoorsman

Outdoorsmen enjoy their alone time. Just them and the wild to keep their company. These types of campers like to contemplate life and perfect their already-nearly-perfect outdoors kills. They love to watch nature and get deep into nature with only the bare necessities.

The Adventurer

Similar to the Backpacker, but with a lot less gear. Instead, the Adventurer has grander plans and more thrills.

Typically, the Adventurer never follows and plans or itineraries, rather, they go with the flow. If that means biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking – the adventurer does it all. They’re always looking for the next awesome adventure with whoever, whenever.

The Happy Camper

Regardless of the weather, the company and the unexpected camping curveballs, the Happy Camper always has a smile on their face. Regardless of the circumstances, they’re just happy to be getting away with their family and their friends in a remote, beautiful setting.

They’re typically pretty go-with-the-flow, whether that means lounging by the fire doing next-to-nothing, or willing to take on the next adventure.

The Reluctant Camper

In contrast to the Happy camper, there’s always the reluctant one. The one who wasn’t so sure they didn’t want to come to begin with – and now that they’re here, they’re proving maybe camping isn’t for them.

Reluctant campers can always find something to complain about; the bugs, the weather, the uncomfortable sleeping conditions…perhaps the reluctant camper is really a glamper at heart – someone who longs for the more luxurious camping life.

Hey, let’s face it, there’s always one in the group.